The story of Sixto

There seems to be this buzz around a song called 'Sugarman'. You've probably heard it from a friend or on the radio. But did you know this song is actually 47 years old? What is  the story behind this delayed discovery? Who is the voice behind 'Sugarman'? There has also been a documentary called 'Searching for … Continue reading The story of Sixto

The rise of artificial intelligence

It's a topic we never get bored of. Artificial intelligence. The idea that a machine we build has got the same or better thinking capabilities as a human is extremely exciting. Artificial intelligence has been around for years. It's not a new concept. But the way they are using this technology and making it able … Continue reading The rise of artificial intelligence

Fact or fiction? Historical misconception

  Round earth These days everybody knows the earth is round. This idea wasn't always commonly accepted. It wasn't even an idea to begin with. Most believe that the Western civilization started progressing intellectually only after the dark ages. The Middle Ages were actualy an intulectual downfall. Most of our knowlegde has gone lost throughout … Continue reading Fact or fiction? Historical misconception